dimanche 22 janvier 2012


Je pensais que c'était venu après. Je pensais que c'était une revanche sur le peu de saveur des jours qui s'ajoutent aux jours.  La gourmandise. Et puis je suis tombée sur cette photo. C'était déjà là.
 Le monde anéanti par un petit chou à la crème!


7 commentaires:

  1. Oh, but the blissful pleasure of each melting moment of that cream puff...and the look of concentration and enjoyment on your cute little face.
    Consequences of ones's actions yet to be learned!!! :)

  2. Hey Blue,
    If something was already there, it's a world to be created by that little girl. A world of whirly dreams all draped in the silk of that incredible culture of yours.
    You ain't seen nothing yet : for me that flower has still to blossom. When are we seing someting else than the gemfull buds of your short stories ?

  3. Just a few seconds after writing that note I stumble on this : The modern version of David Bowie's life on mars. http://vimeo.com/35208320. Still blue and glomy but this time with hope

  4. Thank you so much Judith! I'm still trying to keep the concentration and the enjoyment that cream puff taught me.

    Merci Marc pour tes encouragements. je travaille sur un projet intitulé "Moissons",je me concentre à espérer quelque éclosion!

  5. the photo is intriguing and so is what Judith, Marc and you have to say about it.. makes me 'curious' about what Les Moissons is going to bring us!

  6. This is Belgium : thank you for you curiosity. Now impossible to let this "Moissons" growing away from me!